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Fully licensed in Fertilization and pest control

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Not all applications of Fertilization should be the same. The Fertilization we use is made up of three basic elements to encourage a quick green and slow release of nutrients..
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Weed Control

The best defense is a good offense! A healthy lawn will win out in the competition against weeds for light, moisture, and soil nutrients. Two factors are important in determining..
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Insect Control

Insect control is offered as a preventative or curative service, applied once a year. The product we use treats grubs, chinch bugs, fleas, ticks and more..
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Crabgrass Control

Crabgrass forms thick clumps of light green leaves. They are highly competitive with turf grasses and are a persistent weed that germinates with each irrigation. We use the highest rated crabgrass control on the market..
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Core Aeration

Over 66% of residential lawns are growing on compacted soils. Many times, there is no evidence of insect or disease activity, yet the lawn seems to be off-color, thinning and shows signs of stress..
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Tree & Shrub

We are. able to make sure that your trees and shrubs get the same level of care that your lawn will receive. Usually trees and shrubs get much of the nutrients they need from the Fertilization that is put on the lawn. .
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A Family Business Since 2007

All County Lawn Care Tree & Shrub was started in 2007 by Stephen Schwarz. Stephen, son of a landscaper, has been working in the lawn care industry for over 20 years.

In 2012, Stephen’s now wife, Jennifer, joined the team in not only the office but on the field as well. Together, they are on every single lawn ensuring the best possible results!

Fully Licensed & Insured

  • All County Lawn Care Business Pesticide License: 99192A
  • All County Lawn Care Home Improvement Contractor Registration: 13VH08110800
  • Stephen’s Pesticide License: 29728B (Turf, Ornamentals & School IPM)
  • Stephen’s Fertilization License: C001988
  • Jennifer’s Pesticide License: 56678B (Turf & Ornamentals)
  • Jennifer’s Fertilization License: C005167

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All County Lawn Care Tree & Shrub is fully insured and licensed in Turf Pesticides, Ornamental & Shrub Pesticides, as well as Fertilization Application.

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